Never Gonna Get It


In honor of En Vogue’s upcoming performance at Nob Hill Masonic on Friday, March 30,  I thought I’d share a “Classic Tracks” story on their song “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)” from their album Funky Divas. Denzil Foster and Tommy McElroy produced the album, which soared up the charts and brought both the fabulously talented quartet and their producers unparalleled success. McElroy still lives in the Bay Area, and has a hand in the hip East Bay studio, FM Recorders. Happy Reading, Heather

<> …When producers Denzil Foster and Tommy McElroy turned in Funky Divas, En Vogue’s triple-Platinum sophomore album, to their record label, executives didn’t want to release it. “We don’t hear any singles,” chimed the suits at Atlantic/East West. “It’s okay, but it ain’t no Born to Sing” (their first album)… (Click here to read more)


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  1. Derrald

    Here I am, listening to KPFA’s History of Funk, and I came up with this blog by accident… and I’m glad that I did!
    However, I had a couple of encounters with Foster & McElroy during my tenure at Starlight Sound as a second engineer with Carl Herloffson (one of the “savage Swedes, Jacob Hellner was the other… what a hottie he was!), before Steve Counter replaced him. I can recall that negoation moment with the studio’s manager Phillip Tuley to work for F & M very well since Counter was the new guy from Colorado. What was left of Starlight’s crew was Bill Thompson, Devon Bernadoni, and Jamie Bridges. So my selection happened to be Counter, and he was one heck of a nice man I’ve worked with whilst as a first engineer.
    I may not recall on who was the quiet one and the upbeat, yet funny one out of Foster & McElroy, but my session times with these men were great.
    To reiterate, I’m glad that I came up with this site by accident.
    So great to be a Bay Area native!

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