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Sacramento Loses The Hangar

I’m sorry to see you go. I’m sorry to see any good studio with a large room close up shop. Read about the end of Sacramento’s The Hangar here.




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Harrison 4032 (aka “Thriller” console) sold to French band Phoenix


In the Feb. 11/18 issue of The New Yorker, journalist Nick Paumgarten wrote a nifty “Talk of the Town” piece about the sale of the Harrison 4032 that Bruce Swedien used to record Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Paumgarten writes that French rock band Phoenix bought the board off of eBay for $17,000 (plus $7,000 shipping) from Clayton Rose, who owns a Christian-music studio in Fullerton, Calif., and, according to the article, proved to be quite a character. Apparently, the Michael Jackson name didn’t yield big bucks for the Harrison as Rose had hoped when he first tried to sell the console for a cool million.

When I worked at Woodland Studios in Nashville a million years ago, our main tracking room had a sweet Neve 8068 console that once belonged to Frank Zappa. As I recall, clients loved the Neve not because of who used it before, but because it yielded an amazing sound. May the Harrison prove the same for Phoenix.

New Yorker article here:

More on the making of Thriller here:

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