Writings from the book “If These Halls Could Talk: A Historical Tour through San Francisco Recording Studios” and other musings about the SF recording scene


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  1. I hope this is still a way to get a hold of you since you haven’t blogged since ’08. I am working on a website about the Bob Wills Tiffany Transcriptions recored in 1946 at Universal Studios, in the Mark Hopkins Hotel, and 1947 at Sound Recorders on Powell street. There were two engineers involved, M.H. DeWitt at Universal and Jack Hawkins at Sound Recoders. I saw that you have written about San Francisco Studios. I am writing up the story of the recordings and would like to know more about the studios and the two engineers. Is this information in your book? Are either engineer still alive? I have a copy of a photo of a Bob Wills recording session at Sound Recorders in 1947 plus some invoices from both studios that are kind of neat. You can go to my site, it’s no where complete yet, and see what I’m doing: tiffanytranscriptions.com. If you can help, please contact me. Best Regards, Tom Diamant, tom @ arhoolie.org, phone 510-525-7471 .

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